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* 1. Basic Info

* 2. Which countries you have been to for work?

* 3. When you are going away overseas for work, what are the recording equipments (camera, lenses, flashes, memory cards etc) you typically bring with you?
(Please specify the quantity of the items)

* 4. What communication tools (GPS, Satelite phone/modem, laptops etc) that you usually bring?

* 5. Any other miscellaneous equipments that you usually bring? (e.g.: protective vests, helmets, medicines, food boxes etc)

* 6. How do you store and carry your equipments when you are going away for work?

* 7. Have you had any problem with your equipment (broken/ stolen) while you are working overseas?

* 8. How do you recharge the batteries for your electronics? Have you experienced a situation where you have to stop working because your equipment ran out of batteries/power?

* 9. How do you prepare yourself before you left to a country for work? For instance, how do you prepare accomodation, local fixers/guides, transports etc?

* 10. Have you been injured or fallen ill while you were away for work? Where do you go to if you have an emergency? What steps do you take to prevent that from happening?