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I appreciate you contacting me and taking the time to fill out my survey about your business.

I would like to arrange a 30 minute consultation FREE of charge, to go over your business.

So there are two parts to this… first, I have a Product
Launch Review that starts on this page. Then, I will
contact you by email to schedule your consultation.

This product launch review should help you get greater
clarity, focus, and confidence about your launch. It will
help you identify the dangers, opportunities and strengths
in your launch plan.

So this is what's important… there are 8 primary questions
in this Product Launch Review. When you go through this
Product Launch Review, I'm sure you'll quickly find yourself
gaining more clarity about your launch. Move through it
quickly but be complete in your thoughts and your answers.

So let's get started…

* 1. Tell me about your business? What type of business is it? What niche or market?

* 2. What do you want from your launch? What would be a home run… both in monetary terms and other terms?

* 3. Tell me about what you intend to offer… including what you will actually deliver, what you’re thinking of pricing your product at, and any bonuses, payment plan, and guarantee?

* 4. Who is your ideal customer (i.e., your avatar) for this product or service? Please describe them in as much detail as you can.

* 5. What are your avatars' main concerns, fears, worries, frustrations, hopes and desires? What keeps them awake at night? What are their dreams and aspirations?

* 6. Do you currently have an email list? If yes, how big is it?

* 7. Do you have JV partners or other ways to promote your launch?

* 8. What are your three biggest challenges or concerns about doing a successful product launch? What do you need help with?

* 9. Please Input Your Name and E-mail for your free consultation