1. FIPSE Contract Form

We want to ensure students understand what is expected of them before they accept the grant. Please read the following Agreement and answer the questions. Thank you.

* 1. I will conduct myself in a manner that is a credit to the University of Central Arkansas during my stay in the country of my host institution. If the University deems that my conduct is not in the best interest of the University, the University reserves the right to cancel my participation in this exchange and request that I return home immediately. If I am unable to finish this exchange, the University reserves the right to request that I repay the full amount of my stipend. This decision would not be made without a formal hearing and the University realizes that such things as death, sickness, etc. could potentially provide exceptions to this policy.

* 2. I will schedule an appointment with the Study Abroad Coordinator for the University of Central Arkansas and complete all required forms.

* 3. If attending a Spanish-speaking university or a French-speaking university, I will meet with either Dr. Jaime Zambrano (Spanish) in Irby 207 501-450-5647 or Dr. Phillip Bailey (French) in Irby 207 501-450-5645 for language assessment immediately after I receive notification that I have been selected to participate in the program. All FIPSE scholars should also schedule an appointment to meet Dr. Rebecca Gatlin-Watts in COB 312H by e-mailing rebeccag@uca.edu or phoning 501-450-5346.

* 4. If I have any academic scholarships, loans, or grants, I will visit the financial aid office to obtain written confirmation that I will be eligible to receive my stipend in addition to other financial aid. Furthermore I understand that the stipend cannot be dispersed until the date that financial aid is released for the semester in which I will be studying (usually on the eighth or eleventh day). I will be responsible for leaving an address where my stipend can be mailed with both the Financial Aid Office and the Registrar’s Office. In the event that I purchase an airline ticket and withdraw from the program before my departure, I understand that I alone will be responsible for any losses due to non-refundable tickets and that UCA cannot reimburse me for such costs.

* 5. I will be registered as a full-time student at the University of Central Arkansas studying at a designated foreign partner institution. I understand that academic credit cannot be granted until after I return and document that I have actually completed the necessary requirements for equivalent UCA course credit. I agree to keep a portfolio of each class that I am taking that will include such things as class notes, course syllabus, tests, papers, etc, that will be delivered to Dr. Gatlin-Watts, Dr. Jaime Zambrano, or Dr. Bailey no later than one week after my return to the United States.


* 7. Please complete the information below

* 8. Participation date of Agreement:

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