Publishing Experience Survey

Share a Bit About Your Most Recent Publishing Experience

1.In this survey, we will be referring to the book you published most recently. Tell us what type of book that was.
2.Please rate your overall satisfaction with the publishing process.
3.What were the positive aspects of your experience with the publisher?
4.What were the negative aspects of your experience with the publisher?
5.Do you believe the publishing services were fairly priced?
6.What factors influenced your decision to choose this publisher?
7.What additional services or features do you wish were included with the publishing experience?
8.Would you publish again with the same publisher you most recently utilized?
9.Would you be interested in conducting another survey that expands on some of these questions you answered today?
10.If you answered "Yes" to Question 9, please enter your email. Thank you for taking the time today. We appreciate you.