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* 1. First things first! Tell us who your favorite composer is. Why do you like him or her? When did you first discover their music? Do you remember the first time you heard their music? How old were you at the time? What piece of music was it? Tell us about it.

* 2. Dr. Robert Greenberg, professor of music, says in his lecture tape on "Opera" that it's important to realize music isn't like science, where each learns from the one before. Music doesn't get "better," it is "different." Bach's music isn't better than Beethoven's, or Britten's better than Chopin's. Then he adds, with the twinkle in his eye we can't see on audio-tape, "Except in the case of Mozart." Are we going to let that stand?" Tell us who you think is "the best of the best." Totally subjectively and personally! Go for it!

* 3. What is your all-time favorite piece of music? Why? Is it the technique? The composition? The melody? What does this piece of music do for you? Does it bring back a memory? Did your mother used to sing it to you, or you heard your father playing it on the piano at night when you were in bed? Or did you discover it as an adult one fine day when your new boyfriend took you to the Met? Tell us about it.

* 4. Many of us use music to work our mood, motivation or feelings. Please share with us what works for you. This can be a song, symphony, piece of music, CD, opera, aria, or whatever. It's up to you!

* 6. Why are there no women on this list of opera composers?

* 8. We know that music can heal and that it supports the immune system. Do you have an example of this in your own life you can share, a time when you used music, intentionally or otherwise, to heal. Please share this with us.

* 9. Do you play a musical instrument yourself or sing? Have you had lessons? If so, at what age did you start, and for how long? If so, what's your favorite piece to sing or play?

* 10. Songs remind us, and they represent. Tell us about this. Please feel free to name these people when you name the selection, i.e.,
My second son - Chester, Hallelujah Chorus, Handel