1. Your IEP Relationship

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We are gathering data from parents to help build better educational teams. All information is confidential. No names or specific situations will be used. The data will be gathered and used as a whole to design programs for parents and educators. If you have additional information or would like to contact me, please do at angela@parenting-autism.org

* 1. How often do your child's IEP team meet?

* 2. What is your relationship with the other members of your child's IEP team?

* 3. Do you have a good working relationship with the other members of the IEP team?

* 4. Do you feel an equal member of your child's IEP team?

* 5. Do your IEP meetings use an agenda?

* 6. Who facilitates (in charge) your IEP meetings?

* 7. When a disagreement happens, how does it get resolved?

* 8. After a disagreement is the team able to resume a working relationship?

* 9. Is your child learning best to their abilities?

* 10. How much time do you spend on your child's IEP or school?