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* 1. By filling in this questionnaire, you are applying for ehvLINC, Legal & Tax incubator that provides legal and tax services for innovative startup companies.

If selected, ehvLINC will provide you with dedicated team of students that    will help you with your legal and tax matters for the period of 3 months only   for 300 EUR per month. Following questions in the questionnaire will help us to determine, whether you are a suitable candidate for our program.

 This questionnaire includes several questions addressing your personal data (names, email addresses, phone numbers). The personal data will be used solely for the purposes of your application. Your personal data will be protected in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation that came into force on 25th May 2018 (hereinafter GDPR). Your answers will be, again in compliance  with GDPR, stored for 2 years. We will not forward your personal data to any third parties, except for partners in our project that help us to select candidates and if selected, communicate with companies during their participation in the incubator. As mentioned before we will share your answers to the questions with our project partners, namely VDB Advocaten, Andersen Tax & Legal and Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten for the purposes of the selection process.

In case of further questions or remarks related to our data protection policy, please email to

Before filling in this questionnaire, I confirm that:

- I am fully informed about the title, objective and purpose of the questionnaire

-  I read the information provided to me by ehvLINC

-  I have an option to contact and ask questions to the authors of this questionnaire

-  I understand that application for ehvLINC program and filling in the questionnaire is voluntary

-  I agree with processing of the data in the manner mentioned in the information letter (above)

-  I agree with storing the collected data for the period of 2 years

-  I allow ehvLINC to contact me in the future with other similar offers of services for the period of 2 years

-  I consent to filling in this questionnaire for the purposes of ehvLINC application

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* 2. What is the name of your startup? (+ website, if applicable).

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* 3. Who is/are the founder(s)? (+ email and phone number at least of one contact person).

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* 4. Briefly describe the product/service that your startup is developing.

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* 6. Which industry do you operate in? (for instance, Big Data, IoT, Web Apps, HealthTech etc.)

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* 7. Is your company incorporated (e.g. Is your startup registered with Kamer van Koophandel)?

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* 8. What legal/tax issues have you encountered so far?

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* 9. How do you finance your startup?

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* 10. Can you afford traditional legal and tax services?