Mission Statement

To promote agriculture, economic vitality, and healthy choices while maximizing the local food system for Glenn County and its residents.

* 1. What does "nutrition" mean to you?

* 2. What does "fresh food" mean to you?

* 3. What does "community wellness" mean to you?

* 4. Have you heard of a Food Policy Council before?

* 5. Are you interested in joining the Glenn County Food Policy Council?

If you would like more information regarding Glenn County Food Policy Council, have questions, or would like to attend a meeting, please contact either of the two listed below.

Lucy Hernandez
Housing & Community Services Manager
Colusa-Glenn-Trinity Comm. Action Partnership
Glenn County Human Resource Agency
(530) 934-1452

Yassi Lam, MBA
Business Services Coordinator
Glenn County Human Resource Agency
Phone (530) 934-1494