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Not all quality control efforts take place in a laboratory or involve concrete testing. Quality is built into the concrete at the batch plant. The front-end loader operator is frequently identified as the most important person in the plant because their work dramatically affects the quality of the concrete. However, a common situation in the plant is that the business of production is production and not necessarily quality, so loader operators often are not trained in how their job affects concrete quality.

This survey is about the use of quality checklists in the operations process. FYI, as you will probably be able to tell, I am not an equipment person.

Thanks for participating in this 14 question survey. The results of the survey will be used in a presentation to be given at the 2015 NRMCA Concrete Works conference. All responses will remain anonymous. To receive a copy of the results leave your email address at the end of the survey.

Jay Shilstone

* 1. Do your operations people (plant operators, loader operators, drivers) use checklists? (select all that apply)