Ethical Photography on Social Media

We are 4 Masters students from University of East Anglia studying Media and Development. We are currently working with DFID on developing the way they put photographs on Social Media. One of the main concerns we are focusing on is the process of obtaining and managing consent for images of development issues.

Your contribution is important for the people in countries where DFID works and valuable in terms of improving DFID's ethical concerns.

Considering consent, please be informed that your engagement is purely optional, furthermore up until 30th November 2014 you have the right to validate or have your data removed from the survey. Any data we will receive from you if published will be done so annonymously and all identifying remarks will be removed. If you have any concerns about your data please contact David Girling at UEA, 

* 1. Gender: 

* 2. Age:

* 3. Nationality: 

* 4. What are the ways you collect consent for ethical usage of images ? e.g. written, audio, video, other. Explain.

* 5. What are the ways you manage and store consent? e.g. What kind of program or system do you use, if any? Explain.

* 6. How do you capture an ethical representation of your subject to avoid issues like cultural or stereotypical misrepresentations?

* 7. If you are given a brief which is different to your working process or may conflict with your ethical practices; how would you handle this?

* 8. Do you think people should be paid for being photographed? (e.g. cash, food, transport, given copies of photos). Consider your answer in relation to context and cultural norms. 'Yes' or 'No' and please explain why.

* 9. What advice would you give to an inexperienced photographer about collecting consent?