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Hello and welcome to the 2023 Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Awards nomination form.  Please complete this form to nominate someone in our sector who you think is worthy of recognition in the work they do, including yourself or someone from your own organisation. 

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* 1. What award are you nominating for?

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* 2. Nominee Details

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* 3. Your Details

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* 4. Is the nominee aware they are being nominated? 

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* 5. Why are you nominating them for an award?

Not sure what to write?

There is no word limit, all you need to do is tell us why you are nominating the nominee for an award. When answering, it may help to think about the following questions: 

-What inspired you to nominate this person/organization?
-What impact has the nominee made on the Tasmanian ATOD sector?
-How are they delivering positive outcomes for Tasmanian communities affected by alcohol, tobacco and other drugs?
-How do they go above and beyond, delivering exceptional service and commitment to the sector?
-How have they demonstrated a strong commitment to the principles of the awards? 

Every nomination is unique, so this list is just to get you started.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Jackie Hallam - or 03 6231 5002
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