Dr YES relies on a limited pool of volunteer pre-medical and medical students and demand for the program increases each year. Please be aware that we may not be able to meet all of your requirements, however we will do the best that we can to accommodate them. Due to these limitations, we will be providing sessions on a first in, first served basis. 

A more detailed description of the program and each session type is provided in the attached “Dr YES Teachers’ Guidebook 2017”. Please refer to this document before selecting your sessions.
A few guidelines:
- We usually aim to see about 80 students per session
- We can cater for a maximum of 120 students in one session, with a minimum of 50 students per session
- Please combine classes where possible
- Our sessions and content are aimed towards students in years 10 – 12, although we can accommodate for younger students
- Due to university exams, sessions are not available mid to late term 4, or the months of June/July
- Ideally we need at least 45 minutes to present the program
- Due to the university timetable, afternoon sessions are preferred
- The program is provided free of charge
Dr YES is now taking bookings for 2017; please complete this form by Friday February 10th.