A new farmers market is being proposed for Livermore Falls. We are trying to assess the level of community interest in for a farmers' market. Providing answers to these questions will help gather information and build a market that provides the products and services you desire.

* 1. Have you ever shopped at a farmers market before?

* 2. If local farmers were to offer their agricultural products at a neighborhood farmers market, how often would you shop there?

* 3. What limits your ability to regularly attend a Farmers’ Maronet? (Please check all that are applicable to you.)

* 4. What products should be available for purchase at a local farmers market?

* 5. How far would you travel to shop at a farmers market?

* 6. What days of the week would be the most convenient for you to shop at a farmers market?

* 7. What is the most convenient time of the day for you to shop at a farmers market?

* 8. What products would increase your interest in attending a Farmers' Market? (Select all that apply and indicate particular items you would like to see at the markets)

* 9. How would you like to be informed about the farmers market once it is established?