M&G in Arrivals

* 1. Who are you collecting from the Airport today?

* 2. Terminal Facilities

  Poor Satisfactory Excellent N/A
What was your first impression of the terminal?
Do you feel you could find your way around?
How do you find the cleanliness of terminal facilities?
How do you feel about the layout of the terminal?

* 3. Do you know where the Café is situated?

* 4. Why did you choose to wait in the arrivals hall over the café?

* 5. How do you think we could entice yourself and others to wait in the Café?

* 6. Did you know you can utilise our Website to view FIDS (Flight information Display)?

* 7. Have you recently viewed our Mildura Airport website?

* 8. Have you recently viewed our Mildura Airport Facebook page?

* 9. Traffic Flow & Car Park

  Poor Satisfactory Excellent N/A
How did you find the traffic flow into the terminal/car park precinct?
How well did you find the signage leading up to the car parks?
How do you rate your experience with the car park system?