Thank you so much for sharing your insights into your child's middle school
experience with us!

This survey will take about 20 minutes. Please fill out one survey for each child.

* 1. What grades did your child attend at Bixby? (Check all that apply.)

* 2. What was the last calendar year your child attended Bixby School?

* 3. What middle school has your child attended?

* 4. Check any that apply to your child

* 5. How prepared do you feel your child was in middle school after leaving Bixby?

  Not prepared at all  Less prepared than I hoped for Moderately prepared Pretty well prepared Very well prepared
Language Arts
Music (Performance, Choir, Orchestra, Band)
Physical Education
Technology Skills
Critical Thinking

* 6. Overall, how successful was your child in the following areas?

  Not prepared at all Less prepared than I hoped  Moderately prepared Pretty well prepared Very well prepared
Managing homework
Computer Work/Tech Skills
Test taking
Note taking
Standardized test taking
Organizational Skills (punctuality, responsibility, homework planning and completion of school work)

* 7. How was your child's transition to middle school socially?

* 8. How comfortable was your child with being authentically himself/herself/other in middle

* 9. How comfortable was your child engaging with teachers and other adults on their own behalf upon entering middle school?

* 10. What extracurricular activities has your child participated in while in middle school? (Check all that apply)

* 11. Did Bixby provide adequate support to your family in the middle school selection process?

* 12. Did Bixby provide adequate support to your family with regard to your child being placed in
the correct levels/courses in core subjects?

* 13. Is there anything Bixby could have done differently to support your child's success in middle school?

* 14. How well did Bixby prepare your child for overall success in middle school?

* 15. What about your child's experience at Bixby stuck with you as they have moved through middle school and beyond?

* 16. What do you miss, or not miss, about the Bixby community as a parent?