Office of Responsible Gambling: Client Guides and Peer Support Services

GambleAware is developing two new service options that will provide an entry point for people to get advice and information about GambleAware support options and enable them to connect with someone without the need to undertake formal counselling. We are very keen to hear your thoughts on how these new service options could operate. Your contribution is important as it will help us design services that are responsive to community needs.

These new non-clinical service options for clients will complement existing counselling and support services:
  • Client guides – an entry point to GambleAware services that will provide advice and information on support options such as self-help, peer support and online tools to new clients who are not yet ready for counselling.
  • Peer support – a statewide network of people with lived experience of gambling harm who will connect and provide support for new and ongoing clients, over the phone and online.
What you'd be doing
You'll have a relaxed chat with the interviewer for up to 1 hour in a private setting via video conference or telephone. There will also be a note-taker present. All feedback and queries will be held strictly confidential by our partner organisation, Nous Group, and will only be used to inform the development of the new service offerings. You can also remain anonymous if you prefer, all we need is a phone number or email for you. In addition, all participants will receive a $50 gift card in recognition of their time. 

About us
GambleAware is a free education, support and counselling service funded through the Office of Responsible Gambling. Nous Group is working in partnership with GambleAware and will be hosting the one-on-one chats. Nous Group is an independent consulting company that works with a range of government and not-for-profit organisations to develop new support services.

What you might talk about
You only need to speak about what you feel comfortable sharing, and anything you share will be kept confidential. You may be asked about how gambling has affected your life, how the new service options may help you to access support and what you would expect from these services. We'd also be grateful to hear what you think could make things better for people going through a similar experience in the future and how GambleAware services can be designed to achieve this goal. There will also be an experienced GambleAware counsellor available if you’d like to get support during or after chatting.

Your information
We will only use personal contact details to communicate with you about the conversation and no personal records will be retained by Nous Group or GambleAware once we have spoken to all  participants. If you have any questions, you can contact us

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* 4. We can arrange for the chat to be in a language of your choice. Please let us know if you prefer to speak in a language other than English and we can get in touch to arrange a chat that best suits you.