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Informed consent

The Neighbourhood Justice Centre (NJC) has set up a Community Adviser Panel (CAP). It is a register of people, community groups and local organisations from the City of Yarra, who are interested in using their knowledge and experience to help the NJC improve access to justice.

As part of CAP, we will need to collect personal information from you, like your name, contact details, and relevant experience and circumstances. This will be used to send you invites to participate in activities and inform you about the progress of the services and programs you have contributed to.
Your feedback and responses will be stored securely according to the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria and NJC’s information and privacy policies. 
If you choose not to consent, you will be unable to participate as a CAP member and will not receive invitations to participate in CAP activities. If you choose to consent, you will be able to register as a member of CAP and receive invitations to participate in CAP activities.
If you need help filling out this form or have any questions, you can telephone us on 9087 5739 or email This can include using an interpreter to explain this document.

Can I complete a paper form instead?
Yes, you can download this form off our website by clicking here.

To continue completing this form online, follow the prompts.

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* 1. Do you consent to the collection, use and storage of your personal information as explained above?

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