Because of the nature of this Twitter chat #EdTechBridge is likely to be be made up of a community of Tech enthusiasts who are comfortable with social media.

Therefore we are aware that the views of this community may be missing the voice of people who are not comfortable with social media... or may even be uncomfortable with technology in general.

We know that the best technology in the classroom are the tools that are ones that everyone can use... so all educators voice is important to us.

Each week we will make the archives available and will produce a forum like this, so that anyone who is unfamiliar with Twitter and/or who would rather not make their views public can still contribute to the discussion

* 1. Which of the following best describes your relationship within education?

* 2. Which age group, subject(s) and geographic location does your educational experience involve?

* 3. #EdTechBridge Question 1 - What experiences (positive or negative) have you had collaborating with teachers/edtech developers?

* 4. #EdTechBridge Question 2 - What advice would you give teachers or developers who want to be involved?

* 5. #EdTechBridge Question 3 - What would you hope to get out of a community of EdTech Developers and teachers?

* 6. #EdTechBridge Question 4 - Which online and in-person platform can we use to keep in touch and connect people?

* 7. #EdTechBridge Question 5 - What questions/topics should we address in our next chat? Do you like this format - should we continue with chats?

* 8. Have you read the archives of the chat? If you have, are there any comments you have about the other participants comments or contribution?

* 9. If you would like to subscribe to any #EdTechBridge updates please fill in the details below and we will keep you updated with news and events from this new community