PROMIS Emotional Distress- Calibrated Anger Measure- Pediatric

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* 1. Please fill in the demographic information below

Question Title

* 2. Instructions to the child:  On the DSM-5 Level I cross cutting questionnaire that you just completed/ you indicated that during the past 2 weeks you have been bothered by "feeling irritated or easily annoyed" and/ or "feeling angry or lost your temper" at a mild or greater level of severity.  The questions below ask about these feelings in more detail and especially how often you have been bothered by a list of symptoms during the past 7 daysPlease respond to each item by selecting one box per row.

  1- Never 2- Almost Never 3- Sometimes 4- Often 5- Almost Always
1. I felt mad.
2. I was so angry I felt like yelling at somebody.
3. I was so angry I felt like throwing something.
4. When I got mad, I stayed mad
5. I felt fed up.
6. I felt upset.