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Thanks for joining the #MyActionsMatter campaign. The campaign aims to increase awareness of the three urgent environmental challenges facing humanity, namely Climate Change, Loss of Biodiversity and Pollution. Your participation in this survey will help us understand the needs, develop educational materials and other resources to be used to drive positive actions on these environmental challenges. 
The survey is fully anonymous. 

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* 4. What is your motivation to join the Campaign? (Please choose one)

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* 5. Please mark whether you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  Strongly disagree Disagree Undecided Agree Strongly agree Not relevant
I take time to look at the clouds. 
I take time to pause and smell flowers. 
I feel relaxed when I listen to the sounds of nature.
I notice and am sensitive to how humans contribute to the sufferings of other living beings.
I notice and can relate to the distress in other living beings
I don’t know how to help when I hear that other living beings are in distress.
I take the actions and do the things that will be helpful to the environment.
I often feel like I am only a small part of the natural world around me, and that I am no more important than the grass on the ground or the birds in the trees.
Humans don't have the right to change nature as they see fit.
Humankind will die out if we don't live in tune with nature.
Pets are part of the family.
I feel satisfaction and enjoyment when I help to improve the quality of the environment. 
It seems that when I take care of the environment, I also take care of myself. That's why I do things for the environment.

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* 6. Please mark whether you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  Strongly disagree Disagree Undecided Agree Strongly agree Not relevant
Walking or biking more often can reduce CO2 emission and pollution.
Eating less meat can reduce CO2 emission.
Eating locally produced vegetables and fruits can reduce CO2 emission.
Repairing, reusing and recycling products can reduce CO2 emission and demand for materials.
Taking a train instead of a flight can reduce CO2 emission
Refusing to buy things that are only for one-time use and things not needed can reduce CO2 emission and conserve materials.
Sharing/borrowing and renting products instead of owning them reduce Co2 emission, reduce pollution and conserves biodiversity.
When required, buying things with an Eco-Label is good for the environment.
Introducing plants and animals in all parts of the world where they might not naturally occur is good for biodiversity conservation.
Conserving and supporting the health of ecosystems can stop climate change.
Reducing our demand for food, minerals and other resources can help stop biodiversity loss.
Using fewer fertilizers and pesticides reduces pollution and helps biodiversity.
Planting and conserving native species is good for biodiversity.
Avoiding buying products with unnecessary or excess packaging is a good pro-environmental behaviour
Reducing littering reduces pollution and also conserves biodiversity.
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