Arrival Passengers

* 1. Do you currently live in the Sunraysia region?

* 2. Which airline did you flying with today?

* 3. Why did you choose to fly with this airline?

* 4. Where did you fly from today?

* 5. What is the purpose for your travel today?

* 6. Do you think Mildura requires new or additional services?

* 7. On average, how often do you use the Airport?

* 8. When traveling from the Airport, how do you travel?

* 9. Overall comments/suggestions on Mildura Airport services?

* 10. Terminal Facilities

  Poor Satisfactory Excellent N/A
What was your first impression of the terminal?
Do you feel you could find your way around?
How do you rate the cleanliness of the terminal facilities?
How do you feel about the layout of the terminal?

* 11. How do feel about the waiting time for your luggage?

* 12. Did you utilise the Mildura Airport parking for this travel?

* 13. Did you find the Mildura Airport parking system easy to use?

* 14. Are you satisfied with the ease of your exit from the Mildura Airport?