Youth Sports Provider Pledge

1.First and Last Name
2.Email Address 
3.Zip Code
4.I will provide annual education to all coaches (combination of face to face, timely and up to date handouts and other materials and/or recognized internet based education.
5.Develop, implement and rehearse an emergency action plan.
6.We commit to establishing participation pricing models and sport season timelines that encourage and allow all kids and families the opportunity for multi sport participation.
7.We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where all individuals feel valued and respected.
8.I will build into my program opportunities for personal growth and development beyond sports ie.(mental health checks, volunteer opportunities, study table)
9.I will make it a priority to network with other organizations and share resources that can help stretch quality  programming.
10.Our program will commit to a Social Justice initiative each year that families and athletes can get behind to combat the ills happening in our communities.