An informal exploratory meeting to discuss the provision of a Parish War Memorial was held on Wednesday 28th January 2015. The Parish Council felt that enough interest was demonstrated to throw the net a bit wider and poll opinion via the Internet. A small working group of parishioners will evaluate the survey results with the Parish Council.

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Summary of points discussed at the meeting:
Underlying themes of approach towards providing a War Memorial
·         Scope of Memorial should be broader than WW1 and encompass all Parishioners in Service, past and present
·         Helpful to prompt public/community to share recognition of  loss 
·         Create a living memorial to involve and appeal to all age groups all year round
·         Living memorial should list all who served not just those who fell
·         Living memorial should list people serving in current conflict as well as in the past
·         Remember all conflicts and recognise the significant contribution of the civilian population
·         Recognise and celebrate the major contribution of those in reserved occupations
·         Public recognition of the price paid by those who fall in Service provides comfort to, and greatly benefits, those who suffer the loss
·         Need to consider the wishes of the whole parish; not everybody wants a memorial
·         Would favour public and schools to be involved in memorial design

Suggestions and opinions regarding practical provision 
·         There is already a Memorial Hall and plaques in the church. Does the Parish want a third memorial site?
·         Provision of Memorial tree and an electric on-line record of names
·         Would like a living memorial such as an oak tree with a list of names held separately, possibly electronically
·         A living memorial involving all ages; prompting knowledge to evolve over time
·         Preference for a natural environment; memorial bench and opportunity to reflect quietly; create a sense of peace
·         A memorial garden/orchard
·         In favour of a fixed memorial; tangible. Reference to a ‘New Village’ concept in Australia with emphasis on raising children’s interest/awareness.
·         Would not support a single small memorial but would support a larger project
·         In favour of physical memorial, people remember better, will be used all year not just remembrance day
·         Memorial; physical with names listed in woodland setting covering both living and a designed memorial. Concept of ‘Centrepiece’ to capture imagination of children
·         Provide an interactive memorial where people are able to stand at specific points to create a sundial. Example in Bancroft Gardens, Stratford upon Avon

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