1. Let your voice be heard!

Let Your Voice be Heard!

The camera companies need to know that photographers CARE ABOUT STANDARDS!

Until Adobe announced DNG (the Digital Negative Raw file format standard) each camera company has been free to make up their own secret Raw file format. Now that DNG is here, we need to let the camera manufacturers know that photographers are concerned about undocumented proprietary file formats and the long-term risks that imposes.

With your "vote" we can send the message that support for DNG is something that photographers feel is critical for the industry and that you will consider as a primary factor when evaluating future hardware purchases.

For more info about DNG, see:

* 1. I want to go on record as supporting the DNG format, and am concerned about file longevity. Let it be known that support for DNG is something that will be of paramount concern to me as I contemplate current and future purchases.
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