What are your top ten books of all time?

Just note down the title and the author.

We are also curious to know your reason for your choice – from two words and up to two sentences, but it isn't compulsory.
If you do want to rank them, put the numbers alongside the title.

There will be a random entry drawn out to WIN a pile of the top books – the more entries, the bigger the pile.
Do pass this on to friends, your bookclub or whoever, so they can join in too.
If you want to enter the draw put your name and email address after the last book. 

Thanks for your help.

* 1. Use the numbered boxes for your answers - up to ten (don't worry if you have less than ten)

* 2. .

* 3. .

* 4. .

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* 9. .

* 10. Last one, and don't forget to add your name and email address in this box as well if you would like to enter the draw.