1. Resident Program Evaluation

The purpose of this survey is for you to have a system through which trainees can submit program evaluations. If you have a report of inconsistencies, violations, or disregard for published work hour policies, call Kara Walters, A-OPTIC Executive Director, at 606-218-5162. For other training and welfare concerns, you can also contact Kara Walters, or bring the issues the A-OPTIC Resident and Intern Sub-Committee. Contact Jackie Bowling at 606-218-5504 for information about attending this meeting. This process is confidential and there will be no reprisal.

* 2. What curricular improvements would you recommend for your program?

* 3. What faculty development programs would you recommend for your program?

* 4. What research resources would you recommend for your program?

* 5. What is your overall evaluation of your program?

* 6. Please submit suggestions for this survey and any other information we did not think to ask.