Inspiring sisterhood by making new connections with a spark of modern technology. 

As Sigma Kappas, we value our friendships just as our founders did. So to honor them and make a new friend, sign-up for The Dove Connection and make your heart "Fuller"! (Shout out to Ida Mae!)

What is The Dove Connection?
A Sigma Kappa initiative that connects sisters across the globe! It’s a modern-day take on the classic concept of meeting new friends. Text, email, video or write letters/cards to sisters... you never know what can come from a new connection! Sigma Kappa’s value of friendship is one of the main reasons why Sigma Kappas gravitate toward each other. To help members connect and inspire new friendships, Sigma Kappa invites you to be a part of The Dove Connection. 

I have signed up, now what? 
Once you have signed up using this form, staff will match you with another Sigma Kappa in The Dove Connection as responses are received so keep an eye on your inbox for the name and email address of your new Sigma Kappa friend! 

What happens if one of the matched members does not respond to the other? 
Your match may not respond immediately, so give it a few days. If after about a week you still haven’t heard from your match, reach out to and you will be rematched. 

How long does this program last? 
Once a match is made, it is up to the two members to determine how long you continue communicating.  

What if I want to switch my Dove Connection match (after the quarter)? 
You will receive an email each quarter to re-sign up or indicate if you’d like to opt-out. That’s when you’ll receive a “new” Dove Connection match. 

Can you have more than one Dove Connection? 
To start, you will have one Dove Connection. As the program progresses you can determine if you have the capacity to have another match.
Does this program cost money? 
This program costs no money. All you need to be is a Sigma Kappa!

Will my info be shared with anyone else? 
No, only with your match in The Dove Connection program.  
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