The National League of Cities / 2015 Multi City Innovation Campaign Survey 

* 1. Contact

* 2. As a participant of the 2015 Multi-City Innovation Campaign, I agree to

* 3. Please identify the types of public health/ social service facilities managed by your community.

* 4. Describe the key health issues facing your community (e.g., related to obesity, heart disease, affordable assisted care, transportation, parks/open space.)

* 5. From a health perspective, please identify the difficulties your community faces in reaching target populations (e.g., language/ culture, access to technology (broadband), transportation.)

* 6. Within the framework of public health, please identify a problem area which may be assisted through the development of a mobile or web application, or a new device, network, or software program.

* 7. Describe the ideal tool or application and how it would assist your city.

* 8. Does your city or state have active Civic Brigades affiliated with Code for America?