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The application must be submitted online by June 1 (Available April 1).

Each year, NPC recognizes College Panhellenics for their outstanding contributions. The award categories for College Panhellenics are academic innovation, community impact, judicial procedure, leadership, recruitment, programming and marketing. Each award category ties to an NPC Advocacy Building Block and a section of the Panhellenic Creed.

There are two different award opportunities for College Panhellenics by completing this application; Innovation Awards and Excellence Awards.
  • College Panhellenics receive Innovation Awards when they demonstrate outstanding and unique contributions to an individual award category.
  • College Panhellenics receive Excellence Awards when they demonstrate outstanding contributions to all award categories.
In order to be eligible for the Excellence Award (outstanding in all categories), a College Panhellenic must fill out all seven categories. College Panhellenics should fill out all awards criteria for which they believe they have demonstrated an outstanding contribution to that area.

College Panhellenics who do not meet the core competencies will not be eligible to receive awards. These core competencies are found in the Explanation of the College Panhellenic Awards Program document, located on the NPC website.

Please answer the following questions as it applies to the most recent academic year (2020-21) to the best of your ability.
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