1. Code of Ethics

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The integrity and serviceability of much of the civil infrastructure throughout our community is greatly influenced by the work practices of members of the association. 

In order to maintain respect, recognition and trust from the various authorities and the greater community, members are required to promote honourable, professional practice in application of their duties. 

This requires:
  • loyalty to the community, employer, clients and relevant authorities 
  • honesty and impartiality in professional practice 
  • constant endeavour to broaden knowledge and improve skill and expertise. 
To these ends all members of the Association are required to give active support to the proper regulation of practice in the industry. They are also required to observe, apply, support, promote and advocate the rules of behaviour set out in the Code of Ethics and support other members in its observance. Members acting in accordance with this Code will have the support of the Association in a manner and to an extent determined by procedures and the committee in each case. 

  1. Members shall faithfully and diligently carry out their duties in the knowledge that their prime allegiance and duty is to the maintenance and promotion of the highest standards of practice in the geotechnical and construction materials testing industry and with the protection of the consumer being paramount. 
  2. Members shall continuously improve their knowledge of the industry by keeping informed about changes to relevant procedures, guidelines and associated regulations and shall actively assist and encourage those under their direction to do likewise. 
  3. Members shall without exception adhere to nominated job specifications and associated referenced test procedures and guidelines and accept any authorised interpretation of these specifications, test procedures and guidelines. 
  4. Members shall conduct themselves so as to uphold the dignity and reputation of the industry and shall at all times avoid any action or situation which could impair their integrity or bring the Association of Geotechnical Testing Authorities (Qld) Inc. into disrepute. 
  5. Members shall, without fear or favour, perform all duties for which they are accountable with impartiality, honesty and practicality. 
  6. Members shall maintain confidentiality with clients in the course of their business dealings and conduct all transactions in a professional and open manner. 
  7. Members shall not act in any way which would injure the professional reputation of the Association or any member of the Association. 
  8. Members shall at all times have proper regard for the objects of the Rules of Association of the Association of Geotechnical Testing Authority (Qld) Inc., and shall not take any action which does not comply with the policy of the Association or which conflicts with the Aims of the Association. 
  9. Members uphold the right to a fair return for services rendered in relation to their clients, for labour and testing services provided as part of the construction materials testing industry.
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