1. TLA Opening Survey S09

Because we are a self-study group, it is traditional to begin each quarter with a survey relevant to our year’s BIG question.

Note: The survey responses will be used to get to know each other at the first dialogue groups, to develop an agenda for this quarter, and to form mini-dialogue groups.

* 1. Name:

* 2. TLA Group:

* 3. Position:

* 4. In the fall, TLA determined our overarching question for the year: How can WE live out our mission and create a sustainable future at WWU and build on diversity?

What question(s) do you have about our big question?

* 5. What is one thing that sustains you as a teacher/learner? (i.e. what keeps you from burning out?)

* 6. TLA Winter Quarter 2009 legacy projects included two strands of promising practices to sustain us as teachers and learners (especially by building on diversity) to pursue for spring. Which strand are you most interested in advancing this quarter?

* 7. TLA ACADEMY AWARDS: Every year, members of the TLA nominate individuals and groups who embody one or more of the features of the BIG question we have been studying all year.

This year we wish to recognize individuals or groups who…
- work to advance our university values of sustainability and/or diversity in a time of budget cuts
- work to create a sustainable future at Western
- help sustain us as teachers and learners
- build, cultivate, and embrace, diversity at Western

Our goal is to recognize widely, so everyone who is nominated with an appropriate rationale statement receives an award.

Are there any individuals or groups (inside OR outside of the TLA) you wish to nominate to receive an academy award?

Please include the name of the individual or the name of a contact person for the group, e-mail address AND rationale why they should receive an award. Nominations without an appropriate rationale will not be accepted.