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The NM Recycling Coalition and NM SWANA are excited to host in-person recycling and solid waste awards on Tuesday, September 19th at the Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown as part of the NM Recycling & Solid Waste Conference.  Please see below to nominate your favorite recycler, composter or solid waste entity!
1) Nominations must be complete or they will not be accepted. Nominees must include full descriptions regarding the questions asked. Please ask the nominee for the correct information if needed.
2) One comprehensive nomination is better than many nominations. The nominees are selected based on the quality of their work, not on how many times nominated.
3) You are welcome to nominate yourself, your entity or anyone or entity that you feel is worthy.
4) NMRC staff and board members are welcome to submit nominations.
5) Nominations are due Friday, August 18th.

Review Process:
1) The review committee for recycling and compost awards will be comprised of NMRC members. The review committee for solid waste awards will be comprised of New Mexico SWANA members. NMRC and NM SWANA will jointly choose the winners for the Safety award of the year.  If one of the review committee members is nominated or works for a nominated entity, they will recuse themselves from the committee.
2) The committee will make their decisions based on the information provided in the nomination.  Therefore, complete applications are most helpful to guide selection.
3) The committee may choose to re-categorize nominations into other award categories.
4) The committee may choose, even though nominations were provided for a certain category, to not select an award winner in that category.
5) If a category does not have a nomination, the committee may consider other nominees or may select a deserving awardee based on input from staff and other committee members. They may also choose to not select an awardee for that category that year.
6) The committees may choose to award the E. Gifford Stack (NMRC) Lifetime achievement award to any of the nominees.

Recycling Award Categories:
-Recycler of the Year – This award is usually given to a person that has gone above and beyond to keep items out of the landfill primarily through recycling, but it can include reducing and reusing.
-Diversion Project of the Year – This award is usually given to a project with creative solutions to reduce, reuse and recycle.
-Recycling/Composting Facility Employee of the Year (Non-Management) – This award is usually given to an employee that helps to make their community/work/school’s compost or recycling program a success
-Recycling/Composting Facility of the Year – This award is usually given to the facility that has worked to sustain and/or expand its diversion operations or that has served as an example of effective recycling or composting.
-E. Gifford Stack Lifetime Achievement Award – This award is not given every year.  The award review committee determines if this award shall be given based on a person’s lifetime achievements in recycling and/or composting.
-Safety Entity of the year (JOINT award from NMRC and from NM SWANA) – The solid waste industry is #5 on the national list for accidents and injuries. With this award, we want to recognize an organization for excellence in safety for incident / accident / injury free operations.

Solid Waste Award Categories:
-Outstanding MSW Facility 
-Most Innovative MSW Project 
-Exceptional MSW Employee (Non-Management) 

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