* 1. Considering all of your small to medium sized business clients, what percentage use cloud services (i.e. Xero, electronic document storage & exchange, online banking) versus traditional methods (i.e. desktop software, paper filing cabinets, Excel)

* 2. What is the most common mistake small business owners make when it comes to their finances?

* 3. As an accounting professional, what keeps you up at night?

* 4. After hours what hobbies and activities do you enjoy?

* 5. Some accounting mistakes are unavoidable. The following are the most common accounting errors made by small businesses. Check all that that your clients have made

* 6. Online retail sales increased by 18.4 percent in Q2, no wonder more and more small businesses are moving to the web to start their businesses. Do you think collecting Sales Tax for these transactions under the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) will make small business accounting more difficult?

* 7. Which issues are your clients most worried about?

* 8. What strange deductions have your clients tried to write off?

* 9. Where is the craziest place that you have accessed critical financial data?

* 10. What is the biggest change to the accounting industry in the 21st century?

* 11. Cloud offerings simplify everything from sharing files to running entire businesses online. As cloud adoption continues, do you foresee more of your clients switching from traditional desktop only accounting methods to cloud accounting tools?

* 12. It’s common knowledge that transitioning from QuickBooks to competitive accounting platforms can be problematic. Halloween is next month- do you have any accounting horror stories?

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