You are invited to participate in a research project designed by the Fundacion Cambio Democratico (FCD). FCD was founded in 1998 as a member of Partners for Democratic Change to promote transformation and change in Latin America. This research is intended to support the idea of developing future programs for practitioners interested in expanding their methodologies and intervention practices in Latin America. You have been invited as a member of Peace and Collaborative Development Network to participate. The information you provide us will be very useful for our work, and we are also interested in sharing the results of this research with you. Please be advised that your participation in this research is completely voluntary. The collection of data will be done anonymously. We intend to protect your anonymity and the confidentiality of all your responses. Your contact details will be kept in files separate from your responses, and we will not link any data that you supply with personally identifiable information. If you are interested to know about the results of this research please write an email to