Application to Work with Gina and the BETA Erotic Aromatherapy Course

Thank you for taking the next few minutes to tell me a little bit about YOU.  This process allows you to share specific information with me about your life, your current situation, and details regarding the relationship you have with your body, your mind, your heart and your spirit and SEX!  As well as your knowledge and use of essential oils.

This information is extremely helpful for me, as it is important that we are a good match in working together, for both of us.  Please center yourself before you start with a a drop of your favorite essential oil, short meditation, a few minutes of dancing or at least closing your eyes and taking 3 long deep breaths.  There are no right or wrong answers…please just be honest and share your heart.

I will review each application personally and in the order they are received.  The BETA Erotic Aromatherapy Course will be filled by the most excited and willing participants first. Please remember, you do not need to be in a current relationship or sexual relationship to participate.  Part of the requirements will be to evaluate me, the course, and to provide concrete data for future courses.  I'LL BE CONSISTENTLY ASKING FOR YOUR FEEDBACK.

I will contact you within 2 business days to schedule our call.

Here's to creating a life with more PLEASURE!

BIG Love ~

* 1. Contact Information:

* 2. How did you hear about my BETA Erotic Aromatherapy Course?

* 3. About your essential oil usage:

* 4. What do you feel you would like the most help with right now with regard to your sex, love and intimate life?

  1 (least amount of help) 2 3 4 5 (Urgent!)
Loving myself, including FULLY loving my body
Knowing myself (turn-ons and turn-offs) and being able to communicate them
Learning more about sacred sexuality
Learning more about the opposite sex
Letting go of the past, including shame and trauma
Learning how to trust myself and others.
Developing a daily sexual/self-care practice, i.e. meditation/prayer/yoga practice/self-pleasure or the whatever YOUR is thing
Embracing my shadow/dark side
Accessing more pleasure (not just sexually)
Having great, even mind-blowing, sex
Learning how to be a better giver and receiver
Learning how, why and which essential oils I can incorporate into my life for a more fulfilling sex life

* 5. Tell me briefly about your relationship to sex and sexuality (including if you are in a relationship)

* 6. In a perfect world, my work with Gina and the BETA Erotic Aromatherapy Course would include:

  I would LOVE this!! Hmmm....not my ideal, but I would try it! No thank you.  Not my thing.  :)
One-on-One Privates (in person)
One-on-One Privates (by phone/computer)
All Coursework by email and video w/ access to everything online
Small Group Work - Women or Men Only - Video Conferencing
Conference Call w/ ability to submit questions
FaceBook Group - Private Clients Only
FaceBook Group - Open to the Public
Email questions and receive personal audio or video responses 
One-day or Half-day Private Intensive (in person)
One-day or Half-day Private Intensive (by phone/computer)
Weekend Retreats

* 7. Over the course of the next year, what 3 areas in your sex life (or life in general) would you most like to significantly shift?

* 8. On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, how important is it for you to experience significant shift in your sex life.

* 9. I have, or will create, the necessary financial resources to get started on embracing my authentic sexual essence and creating more pleasure in my life.

* 10. I have, or will create, the necessary time to invest in myself to get started on embracing my authentic sexual essence and creating more pleasure in my life.