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As businesses working in the City of Sydney local government area we are committed to reducing our reliance on single use plastic items.

This is in support of the City’s goal of being zero waste by 2030.

To demonstrate our commitment we each pledge to implement a minimum of four actions. Include actions you have already implemented and those you intend to implement in your business. 

The pledge is voluntary. We want to help you, and celebrate and promote the good work that businesses are doing in the city individually and collectively.

Join us as we work together towards our zero waste future

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* 1. From the list below nominate the number of actions you wish to pledge. 

Silver: 4 actions           Gold: 5-6 actions          Platinum: 7 or more actions

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* 2. Your name

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* 3. Organisation

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* 4. Email:

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* 5. Give us a quote we can share on why reducing single use is important to you and your business.

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