* 1. How engaging was the conference?

* 2. After the event, how inspired did you feel?

* 3. Did you feel that you got your money's worth?

* 4. Would you recommend the event to a colleague or a friend?

* 5. Please rate the sessions

  Not Useful Somewhat Useful Somewhat Valuable  Valuable Amazing N/A
The Power of Authentic Listening with Jonathan Clark
Playing it Safe isn't That Safe with Bob Lewis 
Dear Mr. CM: You Saved My Assets! with Nevine White and Tad Deering
Return on Integrity with John Blumberg
Case Studies: Implementations in Healthcare Panel discussion lead by Nevine White
Rethink. Redesign. Reboot. with Tamra Chandler
Revamping Report with Randall Bolten

* 6. Please Rate the Presenters

  Not Engaging A lot of Room For Improvement  Some Room For Improvement Good Amazing N/A
Jonathan Clark
Bob Lewis
Nevine White
Tad Deering
John Blumberg
Panel Group
Tamra Chandler
Randall Bolten

* 7. Were you satisfied with the venue?

* 8. Were you satisfied with the food selection?

* 9. Rate the quality of the food

* 10. In your opinion, what is the most important feature we should look for in a venue?

* 11. If you were running the event, what would you have done differently?

* 12.
Please provide any suggestions or requests for future topics

* 13. Other comments 

* 14. Contact Information (Optional)

* 15. Where do you want us to mail your copy of Return on Integrity by John Blumberg?

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