St.Amant Leisure Guide Call For Facilitators & Proposals

St.Amant is pleased to announce the continuation of the St.Amant Leisure Guide this fall, from September 17-November 18. Programs will offer a variety of activities for all ages and abilities – both on-site and in external community settings. Previous program activity examples have included yoga, baking, oil & water painting, instrumental jamming, collaborative video-gaming, karaoke, crafting, and more. Drawing on a wealth of facilitator expertise, the St.Amant Leisure Guide works to offer diverse leisure and recreational opportunities for St.Amant affiliates with developmental disabilities, autism and acquired brain injuries. 

We are currently:

1)     Accepting proposals from those who have skills to share and wish to facilitate a proposed activity.

2)     Looking for individuals to build on specific, pre-determined programs that we would like to see take place in our next session. Please see pages 2-3 for more information.

Submission Criteria:

- Offers opportunities for meaningful and interactive leisure activities
- Offers opportunities for relationship building between participants and/or between volunteers and participants
- Fosters universality and participation
- Does not rely on incremental learning and application of skills from prior weeks
- Relevant skills and facilitator experience required to deliver the program including life or work experience with individuals with autism, developmental disabilities and/or acquired brain injuries

Facilitator Responsibilities:

- Design and facilitate (8) 30-90 minute weekly program sessions to run between September 17-November 18, 2018 or design and facilitate (4) 60-90 minute bi-weekly program sessions to run between September 17-November 18, 2018.
- Attend a 1-hour facilitator orientation session (or a shorter version for past facilitators)
- Create a safe and respectful environment for participants, families and volunteers
- Create an environment that encourages relationship building
- Set-up/take-down supplies and equipment required for your program activities
- Know, understand, and carry out emergency protocols as outlined in the facilitator training
- Report weekly on program attendance, activity summaries, and accident reports