The ACFID Code of Conduct is owned by ACFID members, and its purpose reflects their commitment to improve international development and humanitarian action outcomes and increase stakeholder trust by enhancing their transparency, accountability and effectiveness. 

The Code is periodically reviewed to ensure it continues to reflect good practice and the needs of ACFID and its members. In June 2022, ACFID initiated the current review of the Code. The 2022-23 Review will consider whether the Code and the associated Quality Assurance Framework remain relevant, coherent, useful and credible to members and external stakeholders.

Following an initial consultation phase in August - December 2022, ACFID released a report which summarises the key findings from the consultations and outlines seven recommendations for proposed changes to the ACFID Code of Conduct and Quality Assurance Framework.

These recommendations are being used to inform the current stage of the Review, which will focus on drafting changes to the ACFID Code of Conduct and its associated Quality Assurance Framework. The drafting will be done in close consultation with members and other key stakeholders.

Drafting of the proposed changes will take place in several stages, with the changes associated with Recommendations 4-7 being considered first. More information about the Code Review is available on ACFID's website.


This survey is designed to collect feedback on proposed changes to the ACFID Code of Conduct and Quality Assurance Framework. It covers Recommendations 4-7 in the report, which relate to the thematic areas of climate change, locally-led development and humanitarian action, and anti-racism, racial justice and diversity. 

It does not cover potential changes in response to Recommendations 1-3. These will be considered in the next stage of drafting once the thematic area changes have been reviewed.

Responses to this survey are invited from ACFID members, staff, board members, volunteers, partners, and other interested stakeholders.  We encourage members to seek input from a wide range of personnel. Feedback can be provided as an organisational response, or by individuals. 

ACFID member organisations are diverse. The Code is underpinned by the principles of flexibility and proportionality and should be applicable and relevant to all members.  

Wherever possible, please provide specific examples in your responses that explain the experience of your organisation and how it implements the Code. Where relevant, it would be helpful to provide updated wording if you have a specific change you would like to see made.  

This survey will remain open until 11.59pm, 6 April 2023.  You can return to this site to complete any partially-finished response up until that date.  Responses can be anonymous, if preferred.  You may choose to respond to some or all questions, as relevant.

Written submissions and feedback can also be emailed to until 6 April 2023.

Face-to-face and online consultation sessions are scheduled for March and April 2023. Visit ACFID's Code Review website for details.
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