Faculty Teaching Award 2014

The College of Business and Technology honors, through its Excellence in Teaching Award, those faculty who, through innovation and commitment, have significantly enhanced the quality of learning by ETSU students. Any full-time faculty member in the College of Business and Technology may be nominated for this award. Nominations may be made by students and alumni.

Nominees must be full-time faculty members in the College of Business and Technology, have an outstanding record of teaching at East Tennessee State University, and be recognized by colleagues and students as thoroughly knowledgeable in the subject matter of their teaching discipline. They should exhibit enthusiasm for their disciplines and for the teaching and learning process. The nominees should employ creative and innovative strategies to engage students in the learning process and should be skilled and effective in implementing those methods.

* 1. Name of faculty nominated:

* 2. Department

* 3. Nominated by

* 4. Phone number of person nominating this faculty

* 5. Email address of the individual nominating this faculty

Please answer the following questions and indicate why you feel that this nominee is deserving of the award.

* 6. Taking into consideration the criteria indicated above, please describe and evaluate the unique teaching strengths of the nominee.

* 7. Please describe how you think the nominee has shown exceptional teaching ability and caring for students. Please include specific examples demonstrating these qualities (if possible, specify the course name(s) with these examples).

* 8. Please describe and evaluate the nominee's teaching methods. Give specific examples of how he or she engages students and challenges them.

* 9. Please describe how the nominee has significantly influenced his or her students and why you feel he or she deserves consideration for this award. Offer specific examples.

* 10. Add additional comments, if desired.