Broomfield Park Medical Centre (BPMC) Patient Survey 2024

The GP Patient Survey is designed to give patients the opportunity to feed back about their experiences of their GP practice.
The answers we get help the NHS to improve local health services for people like you and your family. It is important that we hear about your experiences even if you haven’t visited your GP practice in a long time, or if you have filled in a questionnaire before.
The GP Patient Survey collects voluntary self-reported information covering seven of the nine protected characteristics:
• Age
• Disability
• Gender reassignment
• Race
• Religion or belief
• Sex
• Sexual orientation
1.When did you last see or speak to a GP at BPMC?
2.When did you last see or speak to a Nurse at BPMC?
3.How easy is it to get through to someone on the phone at BPMC?
4.How helpful do you find the Receptionists at BPMC?
5.In the Reception area, can other patients overhear what you say?
6.How do you normally book your appointment?
7.Would you like to be able to book an appointment online?
8.How often do you see the GP you prefer?
9.When booking an appointment how quick do you go one booked?
10.How convenient was the appointment date and time you were given?
11.If you cannot get an appointment with a GP were you offered an appointment with another medical professional for example; Nurse or Paramedic?
12.Overall, how would you describe your experience making an appointment?
13.How long after arriving for your appointment do you have to wait to be seen?
14.Last time you seen your GP, how would you describe the experience, treatment/advice given?
15.How satisfied are you with the opening and closing times at BPMC?
16.Would you like BPMC to be open later in the evening or over the weekends more frequently?
17.Overall, how would describe your experience of BPMC?
18.Would you recommend BPMC to someone you know?
19.Did you know you can use the NHS app to support you, for example checking your health record and ordering prescriptions?
20.Did you know you can go to the BPMC website which contains information regarding the practice and health services?
21.Did you know BPMC has a Patient Participation Group where you can join and have a greater involvement with the practice (check our website)?
22.What do you think of the facilities at BPMC?
23.Are you?
24.How old are you?
25.What sexual orientation best describes you?
26.Do you class yourself as disabled?
27.What religion would best describe you?
28.What ethnic group are you?
Current Progress,
0 of 28 answered