1. Nursing Graduate Survey- Salem Community College Department of Nursing

Please answer the following questions related to your success in job placement and higher educational goals. If you have additional comments, feel free to make them in the spaces provided. The information that you provide is important and we appreciate your input. The data contained in this survey will remain confidential and will be utilized for research and planning purposes. Thank you for your assistance.

* 1. Please indicate when you graduated:

* 2. Which Nursing Program did you complete?

* 3. Are you currently employed as a nurse?

* 4. If you are employed part-time, is this your preference?

* 5. Where are you currently employed? (Please indicate name of facility and/or employer.)

* 6. In what city and state is this facility located?

* 7. When were you hired for this position?

* 8. How well did your nursing program education prepare you for the work environment?

* 9. How well did your nursing program education prepare you for the NCLEX?

* 10. Are you currently enrolled in college coursework toward an ADN or BSN?

* 11. Have you participated professional development courses, CU's?

* 12. Are you currently a member of a nursing organization?

* 13. Please provide any additional comments here.

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