Thank you so much for taking the Ministerial Search Committee Survey. Before you begin, please read the information below.

  • Set aside about 35 to 40 minutes before starting the survey. If you stop in the middle, you cannot save your changes and come back later.
  • Please read the directions carefully for each section and question. The questions are not all answered in the same manner.
  • A few questions have an asterisk. An asterisk (*) means that you must answer that question in order to proceed. [This is due to software constraints.] All the other questions are optional, but we encourage everyone to participate as fully as possible. The final 13 questions are open-ended.
  • The survey is anonymous; we will not know who says what unless you announce who you are!
  • For those who cannot complete the survey online, paper copies are in the office along with a basket for their return.
  • The survey results will be shared with the congregation.
  • If you run into difficulty, get in touch with a Search Committee member and we will provide or locate help.

Ministerial Search Committee: Kendra Golden and Kate Madson, co-chairs; Diane Bommer; Xep Campbell; Roger Delmar; Marilyn Mitchell; Mitch Poling.

7% of survey complete.