1. Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 2014 Member Survey


This survey is being sent to the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce membership. Your responses will help us get to know you better and understand the current needs of our members.

The results of this survey will be shared with our Board of Directors to help prepare a more effective action plan to serve our members. This information will also be shared with the general membership, NAHCC Corporate Sponsors and Community Partners for further input.

Additional survey results will be emailed and/or published on our website at www.nashvillehispanicchamber.com

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this short survey. This will take you approximately 5 minutes.

We look forward to better serve you this year.

On behalf of the of Board of Directors,

Yuri Cunza
President & CEO
Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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The NAHCC was founded in January of 2000. How long have you been a member of the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce?

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* 2. I am a (choose the one that is most appropriate for your full-time profession):

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Why did you join the Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce? Check all that apply.

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We'd like to know what you think of the events, activities and projects we invited you to attend during 2013.
This is a list of events, activities and projects by the NAHCC and through our partners network. Please check the ones that you have attended, are familiar with and or would like to participate in this year.

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Tell us about how you'd like to receive information about the Latino/Hispanic business community.
What is your preferred way to receive information?

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Tell us more about the groups that you're involved with.
Which of the following membership organizations do you belong to? Check all that apply.

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* 7. ATTENTION NAHCC MEMBERS: The Tennessee Lawful Employment Act (TLEA) took effect January 1, 2012, and requires employers to obtain lawful resident/employment verification information. The amendment is Public Chapter No. 436 and can be viewed at http://www.tn.gov/sos/acts/107/pub/pc0436.pdf

Signed into law by Governor Bill Haslam on June 7, 2011, the TLEA requires all employers in Tennessee to demonstrate that they are hiring and maintaining a legal workforce either by:

Enrolling and verifying the employment eligibility of all newly hired employees through the E-Verify program, or Requesting all newly hired employees and “non-employees” to provide one from a list of identity and employment authorization documents.

Are you familiar with TLEA and E-Verify? To better serve your needs as a members business the NAHCC would like your input to offer a FREE overview session on TLEA and E-Verify including the newly expanded Spanish-Language Version of E-Verify Self Check launched by the USCIS.

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* 8. ATTENTION NAHCC MEMBERS: Recent incidents involving a leading national retailer and a local school Pension Plan have demonstrated the devastating consequences of a breach in customer’s or employee’s private data. It is one of the most exposed areas for virtually all businesses in today’s internet and electronic-data-storage driven world.

Some key observations/concerns:

· Small businesses are just as exposed as larger firms since most exposures originate outside of their controlled areas (payment processing companies, HR and IT service providers, etc.).
· In TN, the party collecting the info at the 1st point of contact is primarily liable for notification and reparation, even if the breach occurred with the 3rd party.
· What can paralyze or devastate a businesses is:
1. the costs associated with a breach (legally mandated notification of all affected customers, fines, credit monitoring for affected 3rd parties, loss of revenue for the business).
2. the time consuming steps that must be taken by law.

Are you familiar with Cyber and Privacy Data protection, and the minimum standards imposed by the law?

To better serve your needs as a members business the NAHCC would like your input to offer a FREE overview session on this topic.

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* 10. In which committee would you like to participate? Participating in a committee is a great way to meet new members, learn about our work and further grow your leadership skills and influence.

Please email us with you choice of committee in the subject line: membership@nashvillehispanicchamber.com or call us 615-216-5737

Thank you for participating in our 2014 NAHCC Member Survey!