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Dear Neighbor,
Thank you again for the opportunity you have given me to represent you in Santa Fe. As we prepare for the upcoming legislative session, I wanted to get your perspective on important issues we will consider when the legislature convenes later this month. Please take the time to fill out the the survey below.
Thank you!

* 1. Address

* 2. Please select the issues most important to you and your family: (Choose multiple)


* 3. Which of the following do you believe is the best way to create more jobs in New Mexico?

* 4. What do you believe are the biggest problems with the economy in New Mexico?


* 5. Generally speaking, do you think your state taxes are:

* 6. New Mexico’s current minimum wage is $7.50/hour. Which of the following do you support?


* 7. To improve the quality of public education, which do you believe is the most important area of reform?

* 8. Do you support or oppose “Social Promotion” policies that emphasize passing children from grade to grade based on age, regardless of whether or not they have learned the grade-level material


* 9. What do you think the spending priority should be for any new money that the State receives this year?


* 10. New Mexico is one of a few states that allows undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver's license and now the federal government has announced that New Mexico's driver's licenses will no longer be valid for federal identification purposes (like getting on an airplane or into federal facilities). How do you think the state should address this?


* 11. With all of the stories in the news about violent crimes, what do you think is the most important step that the legislature can take to reduce violent crimes?


* 12. When it comes to Daylight Savings time, which of these would you prefer?

* 13. Anything else on your mind?