OHDCC Ambassador Application

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Please read through this information carefully before applying.

Who are ODHCC Ambassadors?
OHDCC is looking for a committee of 5-10 Student Ambassadors for the 2017-2018 academic year to help ease the transition to TC. These Ambassadors will serve as a friendly face for first years over the summer and help them answer questions about the program.

What duties are performed by the OHDCC Ambassadors?
OHDCC Ambassadors represent Teacher's College, Columbia University's Social-Organizational Psychology Program. Responsibilities include the following:
  • Connect with students who have specific questions about our campus community via email or in person
  • Greeting new students at orientation (Tuesday, September 5, 2017)
  • Assist new students in their transition to TC
  • Promote opportunities to be actively involved on campus (Meet the Firms, professional development events, social event, etc)

What are the benefits of becoming a OHDCC Ambassador?
  • Develop valuable leadership and communication skills
  • Make meaningful connections with prospective and new students by sharing your experience and knowledge of Teacher's College, Columbia University
  • Work closely with faculty, staff and administration
  • Enhance your personal resume

What is the difference between an OHDCC Ambassador and a OHDCC Peer Mentor?
OHDCC Ambassadors are a committee that serves to ease the summer transition into TC before new students are paired with a peer mentor. Ambassadors have a smaller time commitment and can conduct their duties remotely a majority of the time on an ad hoc schedule as students connect them for help. Mentors dedicate an average of 2 hours per week for the academic year. In addition, mentors must meet with their specific mentee and attend a mentor orientation session during their year of service. 


Contact Brielle Jones at gj2276@tc.columbia.edu