* 1. Does your Development have an Neighborhood Watch Group and are you a member?

* 2. If your development has an active Watch Group and you have NOT joined, please indicate why you have decided NOT to become a member.

If you are a member or your development does not have a group please type "NA"

* 3. Please rate the importance of:

  Very important Important Neutral Not important
Weekly Crime Report Emails to NW members from their Coordinator
Crime Map (accessible via www.LMTNWA.org)
Coordinator Meetings (twice a year)
Community Events
Individual Watch Groups within LMTNWA

* 4. Residents had indicated in last year's survey that they wanted more followup information regarding the outcome of criminal activities found on the Weekly Crime Reports sent out by our group. Have you visited the "Latest Police News" on our website to get the information?

* 5. What changes need to be made to the www.LMTNWA.org website?

* 6. Did you know about and take advantage of the 2012 Shredding Event that our volunteers organized to educate residents on identity theft and to shred important documents?

* 7. Please suggest how we can cost effectively advertise our Shredding Event so that more residents can take advantage of this volunteer event sponsored by LMTNWA. (Please keep in mind that, in 2012, NW Coordinators were emailed and were asked to forward the information to their members, signs were placed throughout the twp and advertisements were placed on our website and the Community Cable station)

* 8. How can LMTNWA reach more residents and create more local NW groups?

* 9. Please indicate here any changes that you would like to see LMTNWA or our local Police Dept do in 2013 to make our community better.

* 10. Please answer the following: