A Just For Fun Survey on ISIS Engagement Outcomes

THANK YOU! You obviously rock. 

This 4-question survey is to foster interaction within the SCID group and gain insight for future discussion - provided you all play nicely in the sandbox and pony up some information.  

Your individual opinions and responses are anonymous.  
They will remain anonymous - even to me.  

Results will be shared when we hit a target number of responses.  

I hope you enjoy your one minute reprieve from the daily grind...

Question Title

* 1. Do you believe the momentum of ISIS is derived more from Sunni grievance at the hands of prior Shia control or more from deeply held religious ideology?

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* 2. Do you believe the areas affected by ISIS reveal the disintegration of traditional nation states  or the formation of new nation states?

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* 3. Do you believe weakening ISIS via military intervention will weaken Jihadist movements as a whole, or beget their consolidation?

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* 4. Do you believe that the more we succeed in hard power tactics the more ISIS will gain in soft power?