Thank you for your interest in our upcoming Pancreatic Cancer study with Plaza Research Paramus.

As with all Plaza Research studies, participants are booked on a first come first serve basis. Not all participants who complete this pre-questionnaire will qualify for this study, nor will everyone receive a callback. Please do not call in reference to this study. If you pre-qualify, a recruiter will contact you with further questions and details.

Topic: Pancreatic Cancer
Who: Pancreatic Cancer Patients and Caregivers
When:Tuesday, February 7th or Thursday February 9th @ various times
Length:90 minutes
Where: In-Home

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* 1. Contact Information

* 2. Are you or is any member of your household or is anyone that you are especially close to and speak with very often currently employed by or affiliated with anyone:

* 3. When – if ever – did you last participate in a research study – such as a consumer panel, a discussion group, individual interview or on-line discussion – in which you were paid for sharing your opinions as an expert in your area of specialization? Was that:

* 4. Are you currently in any pharmaceutical company’s research project – either as a clinical investigator, consultant or in any other capacity?

* 5. Are you currently dealing with pancreatic cancer or are you a primary caregiver for an adult with pancreatic cancer?