* 1. What year are you in school?

* 2. What is your major?

* 3. Choose one of the following that applies to you:

* 4. Are you interested in an international experience (faculty-led short short term trip, semester exchange or international co-op)?

* 5. If you answered no, please explain.

* 6. Have you ever been on a short study abroad experience?

* 7. If you answered yes, did that experience make you want to go on a longer trip?

* 8. Please rank your likelihood to do the following:

  I have already done this Very interested Somewhat interested Not Interested I did not know this option was available
Participate in a short study abroad experience between semesters
Participate in a faculty lead study abroad experience during the semester
Participate in an international exchange program
Co-op abroad

* 9. Please rank the following topics in order of their relevance to you choosing a study abroad program.

* 10. What languages do you know?